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8 ft. round table for church's great room

This table was designed for His Hands Church in Woodstock, GA, as they were refurnishing their great room next to the sanctuary, a gathering place for the congregation throughout the week. The church previously had a store-bought 'farmhouse' table that was too small and looking worn. They wanted something big enough to seat up to 12 people and become an anchor piece in the room.

The result was this 8 ft/96" round table made from solid white oak. The top is a full 2" thick, sitting on a single-column pedestal with 5' long feet. During installation, it was estimated the entire table weighed about 400 pounds.

The design was aiming for simple lines and straight edges, while letting the circle of the top be the dominant feature; something that is modern but should last and not be trendy.

Dimensions: 96" round, 2" thick, 30" high

Wood: White ash

Finish: Rubio Monocoat Havanna oil Plus 2c

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