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Conference table for the SummitConference Room at Collaborate Coworking

The 4th floor's Summit conference room at Collaborate Coworking at Adair Park in downtown Woodstock is the crown jewel of Collaborate's space. With floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook downtown Woodstock, the room needed a large statement piece. In the process of removing the trees on the property, a large black walnut tree was saved and milled, producing six 16 foot long, 2-inch thick live-edge slabs that became this table. Using five of the slabs, with one split in half for the live edge outer pieces, the table can seat 14 people with room to move on all four sides.

The table was built in the unoccupied basement suite of the building and had to be moved up to the 1st floor street level with a forklift. Then, a crane was used to lift it to the 4th floor's parapet where it was wheeled inside to the Summit room. The table sits on two custom made steel I-beam legs and has power outlets underneath at each of the legs.

Dimensions: 14 ft x 5 1/2 ft x 1 3/4 in thick

Wood: American black walnut from Adair Park site

Finish: Rubio Monocoat Pure

Legs: Iron I-beam A-frame

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