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Desks and common tables throughout Collaborate Coworking

Collaborate Coworking in downtown Woodstock offers long-term and daily rentals of its various spaces. Ranging from glass-walled offices, counter-style desk seating, high-table seats, and cafe-style tables, many different types of desk options were needed:

The 2nd floor has two 12-ft long high-top tables centered in between the offices. Each table can seat 5 on a side and includes a power drop on each end.

The 3rd floor has four 36" square cafe-style tables, each with a small power drop.

The 4th floor has two counter-style desks, one table-height under the windows that seats six, and another bar-height that seats three. Each seat has a power box underneath the desk.

The 4th floor also has a break room with a bar-height table with seating for four.

Each long-term tenant has the option of using a desk provided by Collaborate. These desks are all made from either red oak, hickory, or spalted maple tops and pine legs. The legs are made in an A-frame style for strength and a modern look.

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