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We focus on custom projects for our clients, with a wide range of builds, everything from an eight-foot dining table to a one-off bathroom cabinet door.

Jungle loft playhouse
Built-ins; living room
Table Lamp
Desk Lamp
Drink Tray
Chartreuerie board - full tray
Address Sign
Home Office Desk
Liquor Cabinet
Candle tray
Veterinarian benches
Large dining table
Barn doors
Dinette table
Table restoration
Kitchen Island
Home office desk
Work station counters at Kell HS, Marietta, GA
Living room short built-ins with wood rack
Built-ins for children's playroom
Peninsula countertop at His Hands Church, Woodstock, GA
Laundry room organization
Pantry shelving
Dining table - 10-person
Kitchen benches and table
Ottoman coffee table
Collaborate Coworking, Woodstock, GA
Summit Conference Table
Magellan Conference table
Desks and communal tables


Fresh rustic. That's the idea behind Woodstock & Iron Woodworking. Bringing the elements of various types of wood and iron pipe, punctuated by other rustic touches, with a sense of the industrial look, into the home.

A lifetime of working in the basement workshop with dad led to the creation of one-of-a-kind trophies for the 2019 National High School Mock Trial Championship, blending the wood, iron, and worn age for a unique look.

Now, it's a combination of the new and old, both in looks and materials, expanding the combination of the wood and iron. All handmade and unique.

Trophies for the 2019 National High School Mock Trial Championship

National Champion Detail
National Champion
Athens2019 Logo Engraving
Placement Trophy Array
Outstanding Attorney Trophy

The 2019 National High School Mock Trial Championship was held in Athens, Georgia in May, 2019. State champion teams from 46 states, territories, and South Korea competed for the title.


The case was based on the 2009 fire at the Georgia Theatre, turning the accidental electrical fire into a fictional arson and disagreement between the two fictitious owners. The trophies were designed to compliment the case in using "iron pipe found in the basement of the Theatre and old flooring from the Theatre's stage."


Each top-10 team received a trophy, as did each of the 10-highest ranked Outstanding Attorney and Witness students from the competition. The National Champion trophy included a working ghost light, which was included in the case's story, and stood over 26" tall.

The trophies were designed and constructed to be unique memento from the competition and have a direct connection to the case. The stage flooring was hand distressed pine, with the lettering and logo laser engraved.

All Trophies


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